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  • We Focus on Welding
    With 20 years experiences of developing, designing, manufacturing at Welding&Packaging area, We can custom made according to different personalized request for our clients. Persisting in Advanced technology, fast service,ideal design, Breakthrough and Innovation,To Build "JiaZhao" brand.
  • Overseas Expanding
    "Jiazhao" series products export to Europe,Middle East,Southeast Asia,Latin America,Africa Etc. Register Offshore "Jiazhao" Company, Providing Techonogy communication, logistics cooperation and Trading service.
  • Mould&Tooling Manufacturing
    With our own Mould workshop,Many sets of CNC Engraving and Milling machine,Can work 7x24H. Complete equipment solver Customers'worries.
  • OEM,ODM Service
    Seld-Owned Workshop to help our Our Customers to manufacturing final products. Including but not limited to Products made by High frequency machine, Ultrasonic machine, Silk Screen printing, Hot Stamping, Blister packaging Etc.
  • Quality Assurance
    With "Jiazhao" registered trademark,CE Certificate, and our own intellectual property
  • Free training
    When Delivery,We provide free training of operating, maintenance. Make Sure our customer proficient in operating
  • After Sale Guarantee
    Jiazhao" series products provide 12 months warranty,Lifetime maintenance.

Shenzhen Jiazhao High Tech Co., Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer of machinery for about 20 years located in Shenzhen, China. 

Shenzhen Jiazhao High Tech Co., Ltd. mainly deals with high frequency & ultrasonic plastic welding machine, packaging machine, sealing machine, cutting machine, bag machine, screen printing machine, hot press, mobile / pad case making machine, molds, related spare parts, etc.

We can provide products as follows: high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency synchronization fusing machine, high frequency embossing machine, high frequency plastic heat sealing machine, high frequency screen printing machine, blister packing machine, electronic products packaging machine......



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